Power of the One #2

Power of the Stones

by JT Adeline

Power of the Stones by JT Adeline In Hope Cemetery, in the quaint little town of Osceola Wisconsin, Cejay Daniels sent Mephistopheles screaming back to Hell.

It had wanted her dead.
It’s done. It’s over. Life can move forward with her boyfriend, Dean Harris.

Or can it?
Cejay awakens from a horrifying nightmare that she assumes is related to the one year anniversary of extinguishing Mephistopheles, until her cousin shares her own nightmare of a young girl with blonde ringlets wearing a pink dress splattered with blood; the same nightmare Cejay encountered.

Life soon explodes out of normalcy straight into the complicated life of the supernatural. It begins with an archangel asking for her help, then into a battle with demon twins who put her powers to the ultimate test nearly taking her life. When Cejay’s feeling overwhelmed, ancestors arrive to pull her out of her reality and into their memories to show her this battle isn’t done, not yet, and she can’t give up.

But there’s another problem.
Carmen’s already lost two years of her life when she was trapped by Mephistopheles, how does Cejay keep her cousin out of this battle and away from harm?

Simple answer; she can’t.
It’s going to take them all to send these demons back to Hell and lock the gate for good.






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“I still can’t believe you and Talon are getting married.” I climb out of my car and deliberately stand in the waiting sun to soak in its rays. The darkness is officially gone—Mephistopheles sent back to the depths of Hell. I smile and breathe deeply. It feels good to release souls and rid the world of evil.

Carmen stands beside me, staring at her simple ring with a small diamond in the center and beautiful pink agates clustered around it. “I can. It seems as if I’ve waited a lifetime for him.”

“I guess in a way you did.” I open the passenger door of my Mini Cooper and grab the dozen yellow roses from off the backseat. “You’re perfect together. It only makes sense for you both to be together.”

Carmen smiles.

“And what did your parents say when they found out. Did your dad get out his hunting gun?”

Carmen laughs. “No, he doesn’t have any, thank God. They were both very receptive. I think they’ve grown to accept him. That can only lean toward love, right?”

I snicker. “Talon’s a loveable guy. He’ll grow on them.”

We walk across the street and into Hope Cemetery stopping at its sign. I run my finger over an indented word. “Hope. I’ve read this sign countless times. It’s exactly right for this place. It needed hope to make things right.”

“I wish I could’ve been here with all of you.”

“You were here in spirit. I wouldn’t’ve been able to do what I did otherwise.”

“I know, but I would’ve loved to be part of kicking It’s ass.”

“This is where I’d like to say maybe next time, but there are no repeat performances, at least not in my lifetime.”

Carmen remains silent, and I get a niggling feeling from her. Is it fear or something else? I shove the feelings aside as we stop at Aster Hasking’s grave, our two-hundred-year-old ghostly friend who assisted in ending what she unknowingly started—the release of Mephistopheles. A bouquet of white daisies sits directly in front of her headstone, and my eyes instantly fill as I kneel and place my hand on her heart-shaped angel winged headstone.

“Hello, my friend. I hope you and your family is at peace and happy.” I set the yellow roses in front of her headstone and hear Carmen as she sniffs. “For forever friendship, Aster. Thanks for everything you did.” I slowly get to my feet and laugh when I see mini-yellow roses spike up from the ground.

“I guess that means you’re welcome,” Carmen says.

“Yeah, I think it does.”

“Excuse me.”

Carmen and I turn as one to see a little girl with blonde ringlets, wearing a pink dress splattered with blood, and my smile falls.

“Can you help me find my family?” She tilts her head and smiles too sweetly before her eyes flash red.


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