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I Wish You Goodbye by JT Adeline

"I Wish You Goodbye" by JT Adeline

It had all began with a handheld mirror. Now, at the age of fifteen, Skylar Montgomery has to do what he promised and wish his mom goodbye.

He never imagined life without the only parent he had. He misses her so much he swears he can smell the lavender lotion she used, hear her voice and feel her presence. Even with his grandparents at his side, he doesn’t know how he will make it through each day without her. But, he knows his mom died with a secret, and he’s almost positive it’s about his dad.

Ryan Kelley never imagined a letter from his longtime friend, Savannah Montgomery, was to tell him she’s dying and they share a son. He doesn’t expect the anger from Savannah’s dad, James, when he shows up at their home unannounced, and when he meets his son for the first time finds it shocking at their almost identical resemblance. He missed fifteen years of his son’s life and doesn’t plan to miss any more.

Reed Russell’s life started in foster care. He never had friends until he met Skylar in third grade, and struggles knowing Ryan won’t let Skylar stay with his grandparents. His mood continues to sour at how naïve his friend is in thinking life won’t change. How could his friend be so stupid?

Can Skylar open his heart to let his dad and his dad’s family in without losing his best friend and the cherished memories of his mom?

What are you waiting for—don’t you want to find out?

Rough Terrain by Rachel Anne Jones

"Rough Terrain: by Rachel Anne Jones

Ciara’s life has returned to normal for the most part. There’s been no dark messages in her locker or masked psychopaths lurking in the shadows. She’s months from graduating high school — the end is in sight — when Denver blows through her back door like a whirlwind, stirring up old hurts and confusing emotions. Denver comes in hard and fast, and the chase is on, but Ciara has her doubts, and their past sits between them like an impenetrable wall that may be too hard for her to climb. Denver makes promises, but Ciara fears he’s running on empty. Denver has a history of abandoning her in her time of need. Denver seeks revenge, but Ciara’s no saint. She has her own secrets, ones she doesn’t want Denver to find out. Can Ciara keep her eyes on the prize, or will Denver prove to be too much of a distraction?

Saving Sophie by Debbie Schrack

"Saving Sophie" by Debbie Schrack

Seventeen-year-old Gabe Hunter knows he has a purpose in life. He has always strived to be the “best of the best,” but lately nothing has gone his way. Gabe was devastated six months earlier when his half-brother Josh had a drunk driving accident that killed four members of a family and left a sixteen-year-old girl named Sophie an orphan. Josh went to prison and Gabe struggles to forgive him because how can he forgive the unforgivable? When Gabe reluctantly agrees to do math tutoring for his senior service project, he discovers that the girl he will be tutoring is also named Sophie. But in a town of eighty thousand people, what are the odds it will be the same person? Astronomical, Gabe figures.

Gabe soon discovers, though, that it is the same Sophie. A former National Merit Scholar finalist, Sophie had a severe brain injury in the accident. She has seizures, amnesia, and can barely read or write. When he meets her, Gabe realizes what his purpose in life must be—to help Sophie and make amends for his brother. His plan is to spend the rest of the school year tutoring Sophie, then say goodbye and go quietly off to college without ever telling her that his brother was the one who killed her family. What Gabe doesn’t count on is falling in love.

The Tangibles by Natalie Blank

"The Tangibles" by Natalie Blank

Seventeen-year-old Rachel has her on days and her off days. She’s battled schizophrenia since eighth grade and sometimes decides not to take her medication. To avoid a relapse, she’s careful about when she skips and how often. But no matter how normal she appears, she’s still an outcast at school, a worry to her mother, and unable to let go of her father’s abandonment. She needs the intangibles, her make-believe friends, to fill the lonely gaps in her life.

Then she meets Arnold, a real person, who is accepting and adoring of Rachel, and can relate to the numbing side effects of pills due to his own struggle with ADHD and depression. At first, Rachel is hesitant to even talk to Arnold, but her intangibles encourage the relationship, every part of it, even the physical stuff. That is until Arnold convinces Rachel to ditch her medication completely for marijuana.

The higher Rachel goes with Arnold, the less she sees of her intangibles and the happier she feels. But things take a dangerous turn when she and Arnold befriend two classmates who take getting high to a whole other level. Eventually, Rachel’s untreated mind starts to unravel, bringing her face to face with the traumas of her past.

The Seer by Michel Prince

"The Seer" by Michel Prince

Since Aberrations started appearing across the globe, the world was trapped in a communal nightmare. Children tossed away, instead of nurtured. Their gifts only seen as dangers, not a blessing, all hitting the teenagers right as they are trying to come into themselves.

At some point we all get lost in our dreams of what will be or what could be, but for Peyton Lark, trying to find the right path in his visions has him slipping into a delirium of insanity. The Seer among those who’ve hidden away on an island knows when visions increase, they are closing in on becoming reality.

While he has the ability to see danger coming, it doesn’t mean he can find the path to avoid it. With his other half, his love Claire Lawrence, being taken from him over and over in painful nightmares his main focus turns to saving her, with the rest a distant second. But the path isn’t changing no matter how much he tries to manipulate the dream.

Can Peyton find the way to save those around them from a weapon created for their complete annihilation? Or will he at least be able to spin the dream to save the one person who anchors him fully?

Between Safe and Real by Dannie M. Olguin

"Between Safe & Real" by Dannie M. Olguin

Fifteen-year-old Zoe Wilkes has ninety-nine problems, and a boring life ain't one. With two hungry siblings, an empty fridge, and a violent mother to tip-toe around, Zoe can't slow down enough to catch a breath. When she discovers Mama’s been reading her diary, Zoe realizes she has to stop writing in it. Trouble is, if she stops, Mama’s sure to think she’s hiding something, and will tear through her room like a tornado—again—to find out what. Her solution: write Mama-safe entries in the first diary, while writing her real thoughts in a plain-old composition book.

The more entries she makes, the fuzzier the line between safe lies and terrifying truths becomes, and it’s not long before Zoe fears she’s just as unstable as Mama. After all, the apple never falls too far from the tree. If there’s even a shred of truth to her safe journal, then maybe her real journal’s just a hot mess of made-up horrors. When things at home escalate, Zoe must face reality in order to keep herself and siblings safe. But facing reality means taking steps that could shatter her family. Can her friends, Cheryl and Nate, help her understand that love shouldn’t hurt and blood doesn’t make a family?

Omitted Pieces by Stephanie Hansen

"Omitted Pieces" by Stephanie Hansen

By 2164, the new Sierra is on a new planet with a new problem. The mad scientist Cromwell has kidnapped her mother and set up shop on planet Scepter. In order to save her, Sierra will need to make new friends in this place of glowing leaves and a floating capital.

Back on Vortex, Al's shut down the old facility but will he be able to make it to Scepter? What about those who made it to Earth? Can they all work together or are they closer to danger than they realize? The amazing conclusion to the Replaced Parts duology, Omitted Pieces, explores new territory and old with dangerous compassion.

Becoming a Randal by Lauri Robinson

"Becoming a Randal" by Lauri Robinson
with Isabelle and Hayley Robinson

When fourteen-year-old Samantha West and her younger brother, Tommy, are placed in a foster home, Sam feels as if she’s been thrown into a Hallmark movie, full of perfect looking people—actors. The only person not acting, is Spencer Randal, her sixteen-year-old foster brother who hates her. By way of a broken leg, getting hauled home by the cops, and a haunted house, Sam and Spencer each learn what it truly means to be a Randal—Do your best, don’t give up, set goals and work towards them, be a good person, and make things right whenever you can.

However, just when Sam’s life has become as perfect as a Hallmark movie, she and Tommy are returned to their mother, where nothing has changed. As the cycle of living on the streets returns, Sam decides it’s time to make things right.

Chasing Denver by Rachel Anne Jones

"Chasing Denver" by Rachel Anne Jones

Ciara Onyx Yengst stumbles on incriminating evidence in her brother’s room and quickly buries it in the river.

She soon discovers even the best intentions can lead to catastrophe, and that for every reckless action there’s an equally devastating reaction.

When mysterious flashdrives show up in her school locker followed by a body in the river, Ciara discovers she’s in over her head, as she tries to outmaneuver the nameless, faceless dealer and his hidden Kingpin.

Terrified and desperate, she turns to the one person she’d love to avoid, Denver Evans, her secret crush, who is somehow involved.

As Ciara and Denver quickly become PIC, they discover there’s more heat between them than just the chase.

Can Ciara survive the dangerous game, rescue her brother, and avoid a broken heart?

Only time will tell.

Fae's Ascent by Nicole Kilpatrick

"Fae's Ascent" by Nicole Kilpatrick

May the road rise up to meet her.

After barely escaping Alistair’s clutches, Clover struggles to unleash and master her dormant powers as she embraces her merrow lineage while still staying true to her human self. With the Seelie and Unseelie armies on the verge of war, the clock is ticking, but when a centuries-old secret is uncovered, alliances and loyalties are put to the test and both her worlds come crashing down around her.

To defend against Alistair, protect the fate of the Fae, and safeguard her loved ones, Clover must soar higher than she’d ever thought possible.

In this action-packed sequel, the very loss and heartache that could lead to Clover’s ruin could also lead to her redemption. The choice is hers.

Breathing Fire by H. Morris

"Breathing Fire" by H. Morris

Fiercely strong Andie, and her genius brother Dylan, are mysteriously transported into a primitive world. Their Valekin hosts think they were sent by the Gods in order to bring peace, but the Gods are not what they seem and their mission is impossible. It will take all of Andie's fighting skills and Dylan's considerable intelligence for them to stay alive long enough to find their way home. For as the Valekins focus on their Graecore enemies; a tyrannical madman secretly plots to raise a massive army of dead soldiers that will annihilate everyone. The only thing he needs to complete the spell is Dylan's blood.

While Dylan comes of age through terror and tragedy, Andie struggles to protect him and deal with her growing feelings for Prince Hagen; feelings that could cost them both their lives.

Singapore Unveiled by Laura Kennedy

"Singapore Unveiled" by Laura Kennedy

The ancient game of mah-jongg is sort of like life, each ivory tile a clue, a direction to take, a season of the year or even danger ahead.

I realize now I should have paid more attention the months I was in Singapore. I should have sensed something ominous from those exotic designs warning me about Summer and her little sister Plum. But being me, I had to find out the hard way.

The Shield by Michel Prince

"The Shield" by Michel Prince

At what point does abnormal become normal? Aberrations are here to stay. Trying to figure out how to co-exist with the whole world, maximize their newly discovered powers and stop infighting among themselves. Worse yet, the elders are adding to internal stress.

Being an outcast had been the norm for Agatha ‘Aggie’ McArthur since well before middle school. By the time puberty and all its nasty side effects hit, she was a pro at guarding herself from hurtful words and more. Discovering she had the ability to shield wasn’t a great leap for the guarded teen.

Having an ability doesn’t mean mastering it. Especially when it means allowing yourself to admit you are special and powerful. The inconsistent shield, useless more times than not, failed and led to the kidnapping of one of their own. With a home now mobilized, the citizens of the makeshift Satori are not only on guard, but searching for their lost friend.

With an unknown elder, Imani, appearing, Aggie will have a teacher if she can allow herself to trust. But will the trust be worth the danger her life is placed in? And can she find the strength to protect the community, or will her shield leave her friends on the outside looking in?

Suddenly Singapore by Laura Kennedy

"Remember Wednesday" by Lea Bailey

Sixteen-year-old bi YouTuber Aria Fitzhugh wants nothing more than reach 50,000 subscribers. But when she becomes the target of an internet hate campaign following the death of Calyx Reed, a reclusive rock star she interviewed, she vows to set the record straight—until she learns that it might have been murder, and her interview is the reason.

Aria teams with Calyx’s teenage son and daughter to investigate, but her attraction to both siblings complicates their investigation, especially as she increasingly suspects that answers are closer to home than anyone wants to admit.

With the internet baying for blood and even her mother seeming to believe the lies, Aria must decide if the truth is worth destroying his family—and her own.

Two Truths and a Guy by Jeannine Henvey

"Two Truths and a Guy" by Jeannine Henvey

High school is hard enough. Imagine having to keep a secret that can change your twin’s life.

Sixteen-year-old twins, Stella and Peter, move cross-country with their parents to start fresh and leave their former life behind. Will the past determine their future, or will they finally get their happy ending?

Peter and Stella may be twins, but individually their struggles are one of a kind. From the outside, they seem like two kids just trying to find their way at a new school, but behind closed doors they deal with the emotional baggage from the past they've yet to unpack. Beauty queen Mom counts Stella’s every calorie rather than deal with Peter's transition. And even though Dad supports Peter’s true self, he’s blind to seeing Stella for who she really is. She just wants to be a teenage girl known for anything other than her sibling. Meanwhile, with a skin-tight binder around his chest, and eagerness to fit in with his classmates, Peter feels like he’s suffocating. All this, just to have his outside match his inside—and simply be. If anyone learns their secret, the family’s sacrifice of moving to California will have been for nothing.

Brimming with a rollercoaster of emotion and unwavering hope, Two Truths And A Guy is a heartfelt coming of age story that touches us with the power of loyalty, the need for acceptance, and the importance of living our truth.