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Latest Releases

"Barn Shadows" by Laura Wolfe

A year after her tumultuous exit from the prestigious Foxwoode Riding Academy, seventeen year-old Brynlei returns determined to confront her demons and win Foxwoode's elite Top Rider Award. When she stumbles over an antique doll at the construction site of a new barn, a series of inexplicable occurrences force her to question whether her condition as a "highly-sensitive person" is to blame or if something more sinister is at play. [more]

"Sojourn: Enclave" by B. D. Messick

There is a reckoning coming.

Atlanta is within striking distance.

The four companions continue forging a path through the Beastlands, battling both the jungle and its inhabitants as they make their way toward the Enclave and a final confrontation with Jacob and his followers. [more]

The Wolf Mirror by Caroline Healy

Changing places doesn’t always help you see things differently.

Cassie Miller, a 21st century teenager and Lady Cassandra, a young heiress from 1714 mysteriously switch lives. Until they can solve the conundrum surrounding the Miller family, they are stuck in the wrong century. Cassie must navigate a society of etiquette, exclusion and intrigue while Cassandra has to learn to tough it out as an unchaperoned female in the year 2014. [more]

"The Ashes and the Sparks" by Mary Victoria Johnson

Welcome to the age of airships. It is a world powered by steam and innovation, ruled by an elusive empress at its heart.

Seventeen year-old Jorun is not part of this world. Hers is one of hidden tunnel networks and lights that dance across night skies, one that has remained separate from the rest of society for over a thousand years. This all changes when a boy appears from nowhere, raving about invaders from a faraway land. Purely by chance, Jorun soon finds herself in the middle of a struggle unlike anything she could have ever dreamed of, and must come to the realization that only she can stop an impending war. [more]

"Cecilly in Cinderland" by Emily S. Deibel

After her wish for adventure goes awry, can Cecilly stitch her family back together and help a prince unite Havenshire?

Cecilly and her stepsisters journey to a land of geysers and dragons, where a race of magical beings are eager to grant their wish for adventure. However the more wishes they make, the faster their fragile family ties dissolve. With only the help of a prickly stable hand and a depressed ghost, can an ordinary seamstress mend a man’s broken heart, heal a divided city, and escape Cinderland before her stepsisters are lost to her forever? [more]

"Unleashed" by Shelley R. Pickens

Aimee killed a man. Worse yet, she enjoyed it.

Aimee has survived a bombing, a killer’s torture chamber, countless evils harbored deep within the minds of psychopaths and killers, and even death. But now, the greatest threat is the evil barely contained within.

A dark threat looms in the horizon—a sinister plot that will cause the monster within Aimee to emerge. [more]

"Wisteria and the Pirate Werewolf" by April Marcom

Sometimes the one you love isn’t the one you’re meant to be with.

An assignment during 17-year-old Chloe’s summer internship as a newspaper reporter results in an intense romance with an aspiring actor, Kieran. As their relationship deepens, Kieran reveals his hidden side of terrifying rages and smothering jealousy caused by a rough childhood. After Chloe’s efforts to help him unexpectedly turn Kieran violent, she breaks it off — and Kieran embarks on a quest to break her. A romantic thriller inspired by a true story. [more]

"In The Camp" by Margeaux Nall

With help from their new allies “The Gracelanders”, Rayn and Luk prepare to take on the most daunting part of their Sojourn; the journey into the heart of the Beastlands, a landscape of nightmares, both flora and fauna. Abominations created by chemical and biological warfare before the Great Collapse roam the twisted jungle seeking out those foolish enough to venture inside.

Can Rayn overcome her inner demons, and the nightmares that await them in the twisted jungle known as the Beastlands? [more]

"Truthsong" by Elisabeth Hamill

In When Telyn’s song magic freed ancient spirits of the Wood, it also awakened a long-slumbering evil. Now she and her beloved Mithrais must battle a spreading shadow that ignites crippling fear, and deal with the unexpected consequences of magic’s return.

More danger arrives with a royal delegation to the forest realm, sweeping Telyn back into court intrigue and the sights of a murderous lord. Mithrais may be forced to choose between his service to the Wood or the obligations of his royal blood.

As Telyn’s bond with Mithrais grows, she is torn between her love for him and the freedom of a wandering bard’s life. But when dark magic plunges the Wood into chaos, she must balance the two halves of her heart—or the Fates may take Mithrais from her forever.


"Resistant" by Ryan T. Petty

The light of freedom. That is all Jennifer remembers before she escapes a secret compound deep in the wooded terrain of Arkansas. Eluding her captors, she finds a world in ruins.

Abandoned cars on the interstate act as tombs for the dead, and many of those left living have been mentally altered by what the survivors call the SA8 virus.

When Jennifer comes across a group of survivors, she thinks she’s saved, until her blood is tested for the virus and the results are inconclusive. Will the survivors allow her into their community? What about the one man who is willing to sacrifice everything to help her find the truth behind her diagnosis? Is she resistant to the virus? Does she hold the cure for human survival? [more]

Upcoming Young Adult Releases

Brenna Morgan & The Iron Key by Katie Masters "Thorn In My Side" by Mary Quinn "Nevrhada" by Maxzell Lerm Echo of the Cliffs by D. G. Driver