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Reluctant is the second dystopian novel to the Resistant Series questioning how much one is willing to sacrifice in order to do what is right.

Awakening in a testing facility in which she previously escaped, Jennifer finds herself in the hands of a ruthless examiner that will stop at nothing to find the cure to the SA8 virus. Coerced into a sinister game of her willfully complying to resistance testing in exchange for knowledge about her past, Jennifer confronts the dark truths about the exploitative history of human existence and begins to blame herself for the death of so many. Can she find the strength and determination to carry on as she is faced with a new pathogen created by her captors or has she given up on a society and its continual efforts to destroy itself?

The Inventress by Mary Victoria Johnson

Domino Blanken was supposed to be a nobody. A charity case, a gutter-cleaner. To everyone’s surprise, her brilliance soon made her one of the most valuable minds in the country . . . and, somehow, the only friend of standoffish Kay Ross.

Kay is no stranger to the extraordinary. She’s grown up surrounded by bitter rivalries, socialites with heartless smiles, and inventors creating contraptions that have conquered even the skies. Belonging to England’s most powerful—and hated—family comes with its own challenges, and at seventeen, she’s made her fair share of enemies.

But even Kay isn’t prepared for the brutal crime that leaves her best friend dead. As vendettas and secrets from the past are thrown into the open, Kay is forced to question everything she thought she knew about her world, her family, and Domino herself.

Changing Fate by Debbie Kump

One wintry night, a horrible accident changes seventeen-year-old CollinWalsh's life forever, granting him the inexplicable power to witness future events before they occur. Yet his premonitions dredge up terrifying memories and ostracize him from his friends, family, and teammates, making his return to school and sports more challenging than he ever anticipated.

Collin doesn’t know who he can trust with the dreadful truth about the accident and how it has transformed his life. Between the pain, guilt, and recurring nightmares of the crash, Collin can't help but wonder if his newfound power is a gracious blessing…or a vengeful curse. [more]

Echo of the Cliffs by D. G. Driver

Three warriors asked the sun
to grant them wishes
of immortality to protect
their people forever.

One was turned into a merman,
another was turned into a tree,
and the final warrior was turned into a stone.

Juniper Sawfeather has encountered mermaids and tree spirits. When tragedy occurs, she sets off an an oceanic adventure to save someone she loves and find out if the final piece Native American legend is real. [more]

Twell and the Uprising by Kate O'Leary Twell’s choices have had devastating consequences. She’s broken every rule on Como, and betrayed those she loves. Running from heartbreak, her mission to save her guardian goes horribly wrong, and Twell finds herself captured and soon tortured by the Abwarzians.

With only her enemies interest in harvesting her powers keeping her alive, Twell must use all her wits to survive in a world full of oppression and hatred. But nothing is black and white, and Twell is forced to face that good and evil resides in all, no matter what world or race.

As war erupts between the two worlds, blood is shed and revenge is sought. But with enemies on both sides, Twell’s biggest battle will be facing her own true nature, as she fights for freedom, and for love. [more]

"Nevrhada" by Maxzell Lerm The picturesque town of Santillana Del Mar, Spain is legendary for its mysterious caves, but few know deep in those caves lurks a hidden secret.

As seventeen-year-old-Keith stumbles onto a gateway deep within the heart of the mountain leading into a parallel universe known as Nevrhada—filled with Assassin-Vines, undead dragons, vampires, blood-thirsty Crocotta and other lethal creatures—he desperately clutches to his will to remain on earth. Despite his efforts to resist the lure of the enchanted world, Keith finds himself spiraling into a fantasy world beyond human imagination. [more]

The Binding Stones

Hazel and her four siblings have been trying desperately to blend in since they lost their mother, a woman who most of the locals believed to be a witch. They want nothing more than to let the past lie, but when Hazel is thrust into the company of a senior, Luke, who seems to know more about what’s going in her head than she does, all possibility of normalcy fades. Luke leads her to the truth about her mother: not only was she a witch with startling power, she birthed Hazel and her siblings for the soul purpose of creating a terrifying magical weapon. The Sayers are forced to address their heritage while struggling with their newfound abilities, and realize that others may already know about them, and are seeking them out. [more]

"Thorn In My Side" by Mary Quinn

This time around, Sleeping Beauty is ready to save herself.

Senior year is hard enough. Add in demons, a sleeping curse, and an unwanted prince completely determined to marry you and what do you get? Chaos.

All Riley Owens wants is to get into a good college, survive her last year of high school and hang out with her friends. Now, she’ll have to fight her way through thorns to get there, but with her two best friends, some snacks, and a little bit of magic, she might just be able to do it. [more]

Brenna Morgan & The Iron Key by Katie Masters

When sixteen year-old Brenna Morgan arrived in Ireland with her travel-writer mother she didn’t anticipate making a promise to a dying faerie who saves her life. Armed with only her wits and a strange iron key given to her by the faerie, Brenna is pulled into a world where myth and legend cross all too often into reality, in search for a child hidden away in their world. [more]

"Barn Shadows" by Laura Wolfe

A year after her tumultuous exit from the prestigious Foxwoode Riding Academy, seventeen year-old Brynlei returns determined to confront her demons and win Foxwoode's elite Top Rider Award. When she stumbles over an antique doll at the construction site of a new barn, a series of inexplicable occurrences force her to question whether her condition as a "highly-sensitive person" is to blame or if something more sinister is at play. [more]

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A Shadowed Beginning by Alice J. Black