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Welcome to 2016!

We at Fire and Ice hope you’re enjoying the new year!

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The Sapphire Legend
Part II

by E. L. Tenenbaum

Sapere has always been different.

It’s been months since the destruction of Sapere’s village forced the survivors to flee into the Wild, where her secret was discovered and her Council struggles to keep the remains of her tribe alive. Surviving the attack, the flood, the Wild itself is proof that they have grown stronger as a people. Even in their new campsite they feel safe and comfortable… too comfortable.

Certain they must find the last of the Oro tribes and warn them about the impending Pliz danger before it’s too late, Sapere and Venatore take to scouring the Wild for the Great Blue Waters. Finding them, however, may not be the end of their trials, but only the beginning. For Sapere, this means facing antagonism toward her gift and her position on Council, an unprecedented break from tradition that their sister tribe won’t accept. For the rest of the tribe, this means adjusting to a new way of life with values and traditions very different from their current, and even former, one.

But something else is bothering Sapere, as she soon wonders if leaving the familiarity of the Wild leads to more harm than good. Should the survivors seek refuge with their sister tribe if they’ll arrive just in time for war? What if those who lived through the first attack don’t survive the second?

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A Day Without A Night


by JT Adeline


Rove, Roam and Rune are back with their best friend Maya, in the second book of the Dark As Night Trilogy.

The Evil Sorceress, Kya, wants entrance into the Enchanted Realm, but in order to do that she needs a magical book and key. Can the Gustavo brothers save Merlin from her clutches before finding what she wants, or will girls distract them from what must be done?

Born of a Goddess and a mortal,
These sisters will be deemed the Sisters of the Realm.
One as bright as the sun,
One the flame of the horizon,
And one as dark as midnight.
They are the only magical beings who can open and close the gateway at will
To grant access to those who are deserving,
And banish those who are not.


A magical castle unable to be penetrated by any other magical being, until Merlin finds himself bound to his very own kitchen chair in his very own dungeon.


The Sorceress Kya has found a way to make an indestructible army. Can the Triplet Gustavo brothers, Maya Stewart and their new friends stop her and save Merlin?

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