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Patricia Gilkerson

Patricia Gilkerson

Patricia Gilkerson spent a horse-loving childhood growing up in Kentucky, and finally got her first horse as an adult. She began writing books for children at night after teaching all day. Today Patricia lives on a hobby farm in Minnesota with her husband Jim, and the current count of three horses. Her two children are grown with children and pets of their own, so there are frequently grandchildren and granddogs running around her house. Her hobbies include travel, Irish/Celtic music, scuba diving and reading. Her favorite thing to do is to hang out with family and friends.




The Horse Rescuer Series
"The Penny Pony" by Patricia Gilkerson "Nikel-Bred" by Patricia Gilkerson "Turn on a Dime" by Patricia Gilkerson "Quarter Horse" by Patricia Gilkerson
The Horse Rescuers Collections
"The Horse Rescuers" by Patricia Gilkerson
"The Great Forest of Shee" by Patricia Gilkerson