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Nancy Pennick

Nancy Pennick

After a great career in teaching, Nancy found a second calling as a writer. Her debut novel, Waiting for Dusk, was a surprise to her as much as it was to her family. Watching a PBS series on National Parks, her mind wandered to another place and that is where the characters of Katie and Andrew were born.

Nancy's called Ohio her home for all her life but loves to travel the U.S. She enjoys reading and writing young adult novels with a good cup of tea nearby.



Waiting For Dusk Series
"Waiting For Dusk"  by Nancy Pennick "Call of the Canyon" by Nancy Pennick "Stealing Time" by Nancy Pennick
Waiting For Dusk Shorts
"Taking Chances" by Nancy Pennick
Waiting For Dusk Novels
"Broken Dreams" by Nancy Pennick
New Adult - Waiting For Dusk Novels
"Second Chances" by Nancy Pennick

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