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Lorri-Sue Vodi

Lorri-sue Vodi Lorri-Sue Vodi is a creative writing graduate and English Literature teacher at American Preparatory Academy in Salem, Utah, where she focuses on teaching literary archetypes, universal themes, academic composition and parts of speech.

As far back as she can recall, Lorri-Sue has been a big fan of stories; the first one she remembers hearing is Petunia—a bedtime tale about a very messy girl who refuses to clean her room—one which Lorri-Sue’s mother likely invented out of pure desperation.

Lorri-Sue’s short stories and poetry appear in literary magazines such as The Montreal Review, Anemone Sidecar, The Black Boot and Pastiche Magazine. Lorri-Sue finds most of her inspiration through exchanges with her three daughters during many wonderful misadventures. Onion Girl is Lorri’s first novel.


"Onion Girl" by Lorri-sue Vodi