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The Shimmering Eye

Screamcatcher #3

by Christy J. Breedlove

"Screamcatcher: The Shimmering Eye" by Christy Breedlove Eighteen-year-old Jory Pike, a half-blood Chippewa, is depending upon her Native ancestry to help her investigate one of the strangest hauntings she’s ever encountered. A 500-plus acre ranch in rural Montana is under physic and physical attack, a ranch owned by the elderly Ambrose Tucker, who is determined to hold steadfast and courageously to his beloved property. Ambrose has answered an ad in Jory’s outfit, The Badlands Paranormal Society, in an attempt to rid his property of evil spirits once and for all.

Jory and her crew of three other teenagers, all, who bring to the table their own line of skills and expertise, have brought every known piece of hardware and technical equipment to Granite Springs Ranch. Although the assignment seems ordinary at first, and the answer to the haunting seems eminent, everything spirals out of control and leaves the team terrified of what they think they have found. The problem is they have no idea that they’re being outclassed and sabotaged by a malevolent spirit, who seems to know their every move.

If Jory and the Badlands Paranormal Society don’t solve the problem in quick fashion, they stand to lose the $50,000 extermination fee, but worst of all, they will allow a dangerous and unmerciful entity to unleash a hoard of vicious mythological creatures that will run rampant over the ranch and surrounding properties. Jory would have no idea how she and her teammate’s mettle would be tested, bringing them near the edge of insanity, physical endurance and death.





Summer 2020
Teen / New Adult

Excerpt Coming Soon