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Good Vs. Evil High #2

Good + Evil High

by April Marcom

"Good + Evil High" by April Marcom For as long as anyone can remember, the two secret high schools at the north and south poles of our world have been perfectly described as Good vs. Evil High. The only peace that’s ever existed between them has been with their twin brother headmasters, and a love deeper than the ocean between North Haven High’s Kristine and Southland Cinder High’s Knight.

Lately, strange things have been happening up north surrounding a hot new recruit from LA. Kristine’s nearly as taken by him as he is by her, and he’s soon a temptation she can hardly resist. This true ‘good girl’s’ ‘bad boy’ boyfriend, Knight, is absolutely not having it, though. After a petty fight and a school of cyborgs set on taking over NHSS attacks, the northlander escapees’ only hope of saving North Haven High is seeking help from their rival school, made up of some of the most sinister teenagers in the world, turning Good vs. Evil High into Good + Evil High.





June 2020


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