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Forget Me Not by Nicole Bea When Paisley Watts is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she soon realizes that she's going to likely be forced to miss out on the biggest experiences of her life—going to prom, getting a tattoo, having her first drink of alcohol—and she vows to fit as many of those things into one summer as she can.

Along with four of her friends, Paisley struggles to convince her parents to let her go on one last trip before she's too sick to travel—across provincial lines to Partridge Island, a place where so many of the things on her bucket list will be able to be completed. However, something happens that isn't on the agenda: Paisley realizes that she is falling in love with her best friend, Mitchell, and her time to let him know is quickly running out.

Good + Evil High by April Marcom

For as long as anyone can remember, the two secret high schools at the north and south poles of our world have been perfectly described as Good vs. Evil High. The only peace that’s ever existed between them has been with their twin brother headmasters, and a love deeper than the ocean between North Haven High’s Kristine and Southland Cinder High’s Knight.

Lately, strange things have been happening up north surrounding a hot new recruit from LA. Kristine’s nearly as taken by him as he is by her, and he’s soon a temptation she can hardly resist. This true ‘good girl’s’ ‘bad boy’ boyfriend, Knight, is absolutely not having it, though. After a petty fight and a school of cyborgs set on taking over NHSS attacks, the northlander escapees’ only hope of saving North Haven High is seeking help from their rival school, made up of some of the most sinister teenagers in the world, turning Good vs. Evil High into Good + Evil High.

All Things in the Shadows II by B. D. MessickHate is a terrible burden to bear...

It weighs on you until all you know is darkness and all you feel is pain.

Life for Eve and Kateri has settled into a familiar routine at the Factory; demon hunting during the day, followed by quiet evenings at home, but that tranquility is shattered by an assault on the old creamery by a mysterious entity that leaves the Shayds reeling.

Just as the fledgling bond between the Umbra and the Abyss resistance is beginning to take hold, this new development threatens to destroy their tenuous alliance.

Now, with the help of Kyuki and their demon allies, Eve and Kateri lead a team in a race against the clock to prevent another attack before more lives are lost and the future of the Shayds is threatened.

Dark Evolution by Dana Gricken

After the supposed death of the Dark Queen and the capturing of the Underworld, the Sentinels believe they’ve won the war. When a strange ally of the Dark Queen named Doctor Zero emerges, he announces that he’s discovered how to turn everyone soulless. With him, he brings a fearless army, a dangerous serum, and the powerful Dark Queen by his side.

To have a fighting chance against him, Riley Stark frees King Bane and the Renegades from prison. The Dark Queen’s old husband—King Lucius, who resurfaces with a bloodthirsty army of his own—disagrees with Doctor Zero’s plan to turn the world soulless and seeks revenge. When Caleb is injured in the battle, Riley is forced to trust strangers and neglect her own people to save him.

As the government crumbles, new monsters come out of hiding, and dangerous groups take to the streets, Riley must protect Caleb, prevent her people from becoming soulless, and ask herself if she can continue to serve the Sentinels when they’ve hidden so much from her.

Heart of a Hunter by E. L. Tenenbaum

Daimyon was raised with one purpose: dedicate his life to his queen and kingdom by becoming an elite Huntsman. It's all he's ever wanted, and, under his father's tutelage, he commits himself body and soul to achieving it. Soon, Daimyon becomes the youngest-ever Huntsman and begins his service with the certainty that his life is just as it should be. So, when he's called before his queen and given a direct order to kill a traitor to the Crown, he has no reason to suspect he won't carry out his mission quickly and quietly.

Then Daimyon learns the startlingly truth of his target's identity and can't bring himself to kill her. With this unintentional rebellion, Daimyon has no choice but to go on the run from the queen he's given his life to serve. The queen, however, intends to finish the job he couldn't and exact revenge on her disloyal Huntsman.

Fearful for the lives unintentionally tangled with his, Daimyon must now determine what's more important to fight for, the oath he swore to his queen or the princess who caused him to break it.

Heart of a Hunter is the fifth in the five-part End of Ever After companion series which rewrites classic tales of ever after.

Ever 2.0: Night Terrors by Winter Lawrence

Mark and Bethany are two mismatched high school seniors in a new relationship.

It’s doomed to fail.

Mark has adored Bethany since middle school, and she’s finally giving him a chance. Only, he’s clumsy at romance and knows he’ll lose her because of it. Bethany thinks Mark is sweet. Only, she’s afraid to commit her whole heart to him because he’s going into the army and she’s headed off to college.

Fifty years earlier, a boy and a girl from the same high school shared an amazing love story. They have now returned as ghosts and are interfering in Mark and Bethany’s relationship.

Who are they? Why do they care what happens to Mark and Bethany?

Dollars to Donuts by Patricia Gilkerson

Piper finally has her driver’s license, but life gets very messy after she and her dad rescue a horse from a turned-over trailer. Little do they know that rescue will trigger a series of increasingly dangerous events, putting her, her family and her friends at risk. She needs to get her Junior Project going—a Pony Pals class for little kids—and ace it. Complications include nightmares, a boyfriend away at college, the upcoming Halloween Hop, and the cute guy in Science Class.

A Taste of Venom by Alice J. Black Ruby is battling constant change and conflict in her life at a time when things couldn't get any more complicated.
Or so she thinks.

When Ruby is contacted out of the blue and learns that she has been gifted something which will change her life forever, she is left reeling in shock. As her news settles in she starts to dream of a positive future.

However, not everyone is supportive and as she battles her best friend in feuds that begin as petty arguments, she finds herself having to fight harder and be firmer in her own beliefs in order to prevent losing the last shred of normality in her life. As Ruby continues to learn and grow, time is ticking not only for her friendship, but her grasp on her life as a Hunter.

Screamcatcher: Dream Chasers by Christy Breedlove

Seventeen year-old Jory Pike knows a thing or two about Indian lore from her half-blood Chippewa ancestry. She can trap, hunt and fish with the best of them. She has a team of three other teens friends called The Badlands Paranormal Society. Instead of bagging groceries or playing on I-pods, they think they can excel at banishing evil spirits. They hope to cleanse houses and earn fat paychecks for their services.

Dream catchers aren't just the chic hoops tourists buy at novelty shops--they work. And sometimes they clog up with nightmares until they collapse under their own evil weight, imploding and sending the dreamer into an alternate world. Jory uses her worst nightmare to enter the dream catcher world. She’s pulled her teammates in deliberately. Everything goes right on schedule, but they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Now Jory and her friends are there, trapped between the people who have confessed their sins to the Great Spirit and are seeking a way out, and the monsters and evil spirits, which are happy to keep them trapped in the web world forever.

They were once considered Seekers in the dream world. Now they’ve become vigilantes and call themselves Pathfinders. Is it spiritual enlightenment they after? Or have they now become fatally reckless?

The Dark Queen by Dana Gricken

For centuries, war has been brewing below the surface of New York. People known as the soulless—immortal humans with strange powers—have threatened life on the surface. The Dark Queen seeks revenge for a crime long forgotten and wants to rule the world.

Eighteen-year-old Riley Stark—a new recruit in the Sentinels, a military group that protects Earth from the Underworld—thinks she’s joining for the right reason. As a child, she narrowly escaped an assassination attempt on her life, and has wanted justice ever since.

After Riley goes snooping through her records, she finds the terrible truth—her ancestor was Mira Stark who killed the famous Dark King, and the soulless have wanted her family’s blood spilled. When Riley falls in love with a soulless boy she’s been taught to hate, she realizes that she can’t trust anyone—soulless or otherwise.

Upcoming Young Adult Releases

Screamcatcher 3 by Christy J. Breedlove The Thin Line Between by Alice J. Black Star Gods by JT Adeline The Bitter Storm by Alice J. Black