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Latest Young Adult Releases

"Mina Cortez: From Bouquets to Bullets" by Jeffrey Cook

She'd never said “I want to join the secret police when I grow up.” She wanted to be a ballerina. She expected she'd end up assigned to be a florist. But Mina Cortez's cutting-edge vocational programming and the surrounding danger — to herself, to her friends, and to various innocent bouquet recipients — were unexpected and possibly unintended by anyone. Mina Coretz: From Bouquets to Bullets is a Young Adult sci-fi adventure set in a post-post-cataclysmic Seattle. [more]

"Passing Notes" by D. G. Driver

When Mark struggles to find a way to win the love of the perfect girl, mysterious notes start appearing. Each one gives him advice about how to write the perfect love letter. Who is sending these ghostly notes? And why? And most importantly, will it work? [more]

"Broken Dreams" by Nancy Pennick

Two friends...
Blood sisters till the end...
Until they're not.

One cold night in a boarding school dorm, two fourteen-year-old girls make a blood sister pact. Friends forever. As young schoolgirls, they're determined to find true love, learning the hits and misses along the way. As graduation nears, the girls have different outlooks for the future. Lucinda longs for adventure. Anna chooses city life and marriage. Finding their way back together, the girls head west for an experience of a lifetime until a handsome cowboy bursts into their lives, changing the course of their friendship forever. [more]

"Nothing But Horses" by Shannon Kennedy

If the going gets tough, wannabe cowboys exit stage left, according to Sierra McElroy.

Because her family owns the local riding stable, her old life was nothing but horses. Now, Sierra has a new car (new to her), a new puppy, a new school, a new coach, and a new basketball team.

However, she's brought her same old patterns into this new life. She still doesn't have any patience for stupid people who are a waste of time, space and oxygen.

In order to take over Shamrock Stable someday, does Sierra need to learn to tolerate these people who make her crazy? [more]

"The Doors" by Alice J. Black

Amanda Fox is a young girl pulled from the life she knows and dropped into Godfrey Hall, an old house with a secret on the South West coast of England where it never seems to stop raining.

When left alone in the house, she hears something in the dark confines of the dining room. It comes from the mosaic doors and she soon finds out the mosaic seems to move when she's alone.

The mystery of the mosaic consumes Amanda's life and with the help of others, she finally discovers the secret and finds a way to open them for the first time in over two hundred years. [more]

"Mira's Hope" by Erin Elliott

Could you face your greatest fears to save the ones you love?

Galena, finding herself restored to full health, heads out on the second part of her journey to recover the Sword of Lumina from a cave Mira designed to protect the famous blade.

Heading toward the Western woods, she discovers how to use her magical powers now that she has no restraints. Galena has to re-learn how to fight and live on a daily basis, using magic that she has had very little access to before now.

Together with Elenio and Tark, they meet new friends and visit new villages, until Tark decides to stay behind and train an army of elves for the upcoming war against Rau.

Will Galena be able to face the fears she didn't know she had and retrieve the sword? Or will she die in the cave that was designed to be the greatest challenge for Mira's only hope? [more]

"Angel I Am Not" by Melissa Starr Phoenix, Elora Gannon is on the brink of her seventeenth birthday and life renewal with no solution in sight—she must kill to live.

With her heart wrenching and no obvious alternative, she chooses to side with ancient Ruhk, Isaac for answers. But will siding with the enemy ultimately be her death as an impending war brews between the blood-born Ruhk and those of abhorrent creation?

Driven by the desire to be normal and to change the lives of those she's wronged, Elora delves into a primitive side of herself she never knew existed, hell bent on taking those who would harm her loved ones down with her once and for all. [more]

"Twell and the Uprising" by Kate O'Leary

Twell's life is complicated. Her world has been attacked for precious water resources, and loved ones have died. Thrown into the Army Of Powers, Twell is forced to continue training her telekinetic gifts for the looming war.

As if that wasn't stressful enough, she's in love with a boy who was not chosen for her, and her genetic match believes in obeying the Governing Body's laws, and fighting for Twell, whether she likes it or not.

When Twell begins to question her rights, she manages to invoke a rebellion against the Governing Body... [more]s

Upcoming Young Adult Releases

"Hourglass" by Pauline C. Harris "Bind Our Loving Souls" by April Marcom "Speak of the Tiger" by Martha Deeringer "Unhinged" by Shelley R. Pickens "Blackout" by Caroline Crane