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Beautiful To Me by E. L. Tenenbaum

Princess Sienna is the most beautiful, the most charming, the most beloved of King Trident's daughters in the enchanted underwater kingdom. Not much is denied her, and all of Merdom favors her.

Then a few days after her fifteenth birthday, Sienna does the unthinkable. She makes a bargain with the sea witch to trade her tongue and tail for a pair of legs and a chance to live a human life. Stung by her betrayal, Merdom turns its back on her.

Having grown up in Sienna's shadow at court, Ariel is used to being unnoticed. So when the sea witch specifically asks her to go after Sienna and convince her to return home, Ariel is under no illusions; she is expendable. Still, out of obligation to her king and kingdom, she goes, thinking to slip in and out unnoticed as always.

The moment she sets foot on land, however, everything changes.

Beautiful To Me is the third installment in the End of Ever After companion series that rewrites classic tales of happily ever after.

Lies of Golden Straw by E.L. Tenenbaum

In a kingdom where magic is highly prized, the king cannot ignore rumors of a girl who claims she can spin straw into gold.

When the king locks Millie alone in a room with spindle and straw, she's certain she's about to pay a fatal price for her father's lie. Just when she thinks all hope is lost, a mysterious little man appears and offers to complete the task for a small price. Desperate, Millie agrees to the simple, but odd, deal. So begins Millie's dazzling rise from simple miller's daughter to the queen her kingdom celebrates.

Years later, Millie’s deal with the mysterious little man is all but forgotten, until the birth of her first child brings his return. Now, Millie must scramble to find a way out of her deal before the king discovers the truth and she loses her son, and the new life that she’s built, forever.

Lies of Golden Straw is the second installment in the End of Ever After companion series that rewrites classic tales of happily ever after.

End of Ever After by E.L. Tenenbaum

When the invitation to the prince's ball was put in her hands, Ella imagined a single night of wonder, a single night to escape her wretched life and be anyone else for a while. She never expected to turn the prince's head, she certainly never expected to run off with his heart.

Five years later, Ella looks back on her faerytale rise from soot stained cinderwench to the queen the people call CinderElla. Ignored and humiliated much of her life, she could hardly believe her sudden good fortune. Nor could she anticipate what was to follow, not the lies, not the betrayal, not the truth of her handsome Prince Charming.

Ella is desperate to figure out how, despite her best intentions, everything went so horribly wrong. And what, if anything, she can do to get back her ever after.

End of Ever Ater is the first in a five part companion series that rewrites the classic tales of happily ever after.

Power of the Circle by JT Adeline Hidden in Hope Cemetery, in the quaint little town of Osceola, Wisconsin, evil walks and waits for the arrival of the Chosen One.

It wants her dead.

Almost two years after finding her cousin, Carmen, brutally attacked and lying on a grave with a tilted headstone, eighteen-year-old Cejay Daniels returns to her cousin’s hometown in hopes of finding answers to bring Carmen out of her coma-like trance. With the help of her older brother Gabe, and best friends Lacey and Dean, they discover a timeline with similar events spanning two-hundred years. Cejay becomes even more determined to find the truth; even though she is terrified.

House of Luma by Daisy White

Former refugee, Talia has escaped the infamous Camps of Arista and married a Warlord from Leonore. As well as dealing with her turbulent past, and adjusting to married life at eighteen, Talia struggles to launch her dress-making business.

But soon her new family are torn apart by a series of seemingly unconnected violent attacks. Talia discovers a drug cartel operating in her adopted homeland are seeking to destroy not only the tenuous peace treaties, but also Talia herself.

But have the rebels of Arista really turned on one of their own, or is the danger closer to home?

Sometimes a Monster by Libby Heily

Grape wanted to save her brother. Instead, she’s put herself and her friends in danger. Starth is unlike any land she’s ever known. Vampires, were-animals and shapeshifters abound, but it’s Starth’s cruel dictator that she fears most. She and her friends are held captive and the only way out is to fight.

Grape will try to unite the warring factions of Starth and spark a rebellion against the dictator. She’s hoping to find a way home; the people of Starth want their freedom. How far will they go to get what they want?

Demon Hunters: Amidst The Chaos by Alice J. Black

Defying the laws of nature, Ruby Dawson is a Demon Hunter.

Ruby is coming to terms with everything that at one time, seemed impossible. Surely life can't get any harder. Only it seems things are going from bad to worse as she begins to notice not only shadow demons, but other creatures that once were hidden. As she begins to embrace the gift of her genetics, it seems that the people in her life are not impervious to the effects of the darkness settling over Black Haven and she must figure it out before her friends are pulled into the shadows.

Can Ruby stop the darkness and save those she loves before it's too late?

Summer Snow by Caroline Akervik and Ruth Rankin

Lisa Marie’s ordinary summer turns into a summer of firsts—first date, first kiss, first boyfriend—when she meets teen baseball star Hank.

But can a romance with a boy who lives out of state last, or will it drift away like summer snow in the breeze?

"Resiliant" by Ryan T. Petty
The Third book
in the Resistant series

Awakening in a testing facility in which she previously escaped, Jennifer finds herself in the hands of a ruthless examiner that will stop at nothing to find the cure to the SA8 virus.

Coerced into a sinister game of her willfully complying to resistance testing in exchange for knowledge about her past, Jennifer confronts the dark truths about the exploitative history of human existence and begins to blame herself for the death of so many. Can she find the strength and determination to carry on as she is faced with a new pathogen created by her captors, or has she given up on a society and its continual efforts to destroy itself?

Lost on the Water" by D. G. Driver One girl’s daring adventure turns into a long frightful night lost on the water.

Forced to leave the California beach behind to spend the summer with her grandma in rural Tennessee, Dannie is certain this will be the most boring summer of her life. Things start looking up when a group of local kids, mistaking her short hair and boyish figure, invite her on their ‘no girls allowed’ overnight kayaking trip. Obviously, her grandma refuses to let her go. But Dannie suspects the real reason is that the woman is afraid of the lake, only she won't tell Dannie why.

Longing for freedom and adventure, Dannie finds an old rowboat hidden behind the shed and sneaks off on her own to catch up to her new friends. It seems like a simple solution… until everything goes wrong.

Dannie soon discovers this lake is more than just vast. It’s full of danger, family secrets, and ghosts.

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