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A Shadowed Beginning by Alice J. Black Ruby Dawson is about to discover a whole new world—one of demons and devils.

Following the death of her father four years ago, Ruby is sure her life can't get any harder. Living in a care home for girls, struggling with the last two years of school and working part time at an employment agency seem almost too much at times.

And then she sees the man with the crescent scar. He's a memory from her past and one that she knows will have answers. He's the last link to her dad.

Ruby goes looking for answers but only ends up with more questions as everything she thought she knew was real is turned upside down and her own life becomes all too connected with a world she didn't know existed.

Wrong Side of the Rift by Libby Heily Grape can’t unlearn what living in Sortilege Falls has taught her. Magic is real. Vampires live among us. And there’s a portal in her back yard that leads to another world.

A few weeks ago, Grape lived a quiet life with her family in Watts Landing. Now, she’s stuck in Sortilege Falls, searching for a way to rescue her brother from the other side of the rift. She’s connected to Brad through dreams and what she sees terrifies her. Brad is being tortured into performing magic and, even worse, he’s being forced to torture others.

Grape hounds the magic folk in town, seeking a way through the rift. Her mother’s memory’s been stolen. Her new vampire friend refuses to help. Grape must do it all alone. What she uncovers is a whole host of secrets about the town and her own family. And she’s not the only one hunting for answers.

Time is running out for Brad, but it might be running out for Grape as well.

Silhouette's by E. L. Tenenbaum

A bittersweet story about family, friendship and the impact one life can have on others, no matter how young it is.

Brooke was just killed in an accident, but a part of her is still here. Seeking answers, she sets out to retrace her life and soon meets others like herself, among them, Tyler.

Tyler remembers Brooke from before, and so she hesitantly gives him the one thing she never bothered to when they were alive; a chance. Together, they visit the people and places in their small beach town that once held meaning to them, developing a mutual, grudging respect as they learn to view life in different and unexpected ways.

Tyler soon decides that they must let go of their pasts if anything is to change, but Brooke can't bring herself to say goodbye just yet. As she watches the impact of her death on her loved ones, Brooke questions her desperate need to hold onto a life that's no longer hers. But how can she let go of a life she's barely begun to live?

Elephant Dreams by Martha Deeringer

Desperate to escape her squalid life on the streets of New York City, sixteen year-old Fiona Finn seeks help at the magnificent Church of the Ascension where Charles Loring Brace, a social reformer horrified by the plight of New York City’s street children, arranges for her to go west aboard an Orphan Train.

Fiona’s homeless, alcoholic father has other plans, however. He wants Fiona to “work” the streets to support his drinking and pursues her across the midwest until she is forced to abandon the train in Houston to avoid a sheriff bent on returning her to her father.

Alone in the dark on the Texas prairie, Fiona’s terrifying experience with a circus elephant, Bolivar, sets the stage for a future she could never have imagined.

Ghosts in My Soul by Jane Grace

Emma Qualyes survived a tragic event that no one should endure. She’s become a hermit living with her older brother, talented at a craft few young people do, quilting. Now her brother, Ben, a world-famous epidemiologist, and his fellow doctor, Wayne Meeks, are leaving for a long trip and Emma’s getting a baby-sitter, even though she’s seventeen.

Dylan Meeks survived not only the death of his mother and disabling injuries, but estrangement from his father. He’s gone through post-traumatic stress disorder to post-traumatic growth, established a new normal. He lives his life to the fullest without being careless of the gift he’s been given. Yet now he is spending the summer in Arizona with a stranger—a girl no less, who is his babysitter.

No sooner do Emma and Dylan meet than danger looms in the form of a phone call that threatens Ben, Wayne and even Emma’s life. Who’s after them? Why? Can the desert save them when man and nature attempt to kill them?

The Voodoo Cult's Treasure by Paul Ferrante

After a disastrous run-in with a vindictive 1600s witch leaves him wanting to ditch his ghost hunting career forever, T.J. Jackson and his mates are drawn back into the paranormal world to investigate the mysterious disappearance of their friend and mentor, Mike Weinstein, in the Voodoo Capital of America: New Orleans.

Along the way, T.J., Bortnicker and LouAnne — with an assist from their Bermudian friend Ronnie Goodwin — must explore the strange world of New Orleans Voodoo, as well as the crazy gumbo of cultures that make Southern Louisiana a place like no other. Their quest will take them from the bright lights of Bourbon Street to the steamy backwaters of the bayou, and test their courage at every turn.

It looks like this trip to NOLA will provide the Junior Gonzo Ghost Chasers with their most dangerous case yet!


Reluctant is the second dystopian novel to the Resistant Series questioning how much one is willing to sacrifice in order to do what is right.

Awakening in a testing facility in which she previously escaped, Jennifer finds herself in the hands of a ruthless examiner that will stop at nothing to find the cure to the SA8 virus. Coerced into a sinister game of her willfully complying to resistance testing in exchange for knowledge about her past, Jennifer confronts the dark truths about the exploitative history of human existence and begins to blame herself for the death of so many. Can she find the strength and determination to carry on as she is faced with a new pathogen created by her captors or has she given up on a society and its continual efforts to destroy itself?

The Inventress by Mary Victoria Johnson

Domino Blanken was supposed to be a nobody. A charity case, a gutter-cleaner. To everyone’s surprise, her brilliance soon made her one of the most valuable minds in the country . . . and, somehow, the only friend of standoffish Kay Ross.

Kay is no stranger to the extraordinary. She’s grown up surrounded by bitter rivalries, socialites with heartless smiles, and inventors creating contraptions that have conquered even the skies. Belonging to England’s most powerful—and hated—family comes with its own challenges, and at seventeen, she’s made her fair share of enemies.

But even Kay isn’t prepared for the brutal crime that leaves her best friend dead. As vendettas and secrets from the past are thrown into the open, Kay is forced to question everything she thought she knew about her world, her family, and Domino herself.

Changing Fate by Debbie Kump

One wintry night, a horrible accident changes seventeen-year-old CollinWalsh's life forever, granting him the inexplicable power to witness future events before they occur. Yet his premonitions dredge up terrifying memories and ostracize him from his friends, family, and teammates, making his return to school and sports more challenging than he ever anticipated.

Collin doesn’t know who he can trust with the dreadful truth about the accident and how it has transformed his life. Between the pain, guilt, and recurring nightmares of the crash, Collin can't help but wonder if his newfound power is a gracious blessing…or a vengeful curse.

Echo of the Cliffs by D. G. Driver

Three warriors asked the sun
to grant them wishes
of immortality to protect
their people forever.

One was turned into a merman,
another was turned into a tree,
and the final warrior was turned into a stone.

Juniper Sawfeather has encountered mermaids and tree spirits. When tragedy occurs, she sets off an an oceanic adventure to save someone she loves and find out if the final piece Native American legend is real.

Upcoming Young Adult Releases

The Stronghold by Sebastian Bendix Halcyon by Caroline Akervik and Ruth Rankin Forgotten Secrets by Maxzell Lerm